I was first introduced to Bitcoin after watching a TV ad from a cryptocurrency exchange. I wanted to earn quick money, so I immediately installed the app and tried to learn how to use it. The first coin I saw was Bitcoin, so I bought $500 worth of Bitcoin when it was around $55k. I googled cryptocurrencies and found more coins to buy. On the way, I found alternative coins also. So I bought more altcoins after listening to some YouTube crypto tips and telegram groups. Then the market crashed. Shattered, I sold every coin I had, uninstalled the app, and decided never to enter this zone again.

A few months after this incident, my colleague started talking about Bitcoin in my workspace. I advised him to stay away from crypto unless he wants to lose money. But he said he has been into Bitcoin since 2017 and made money, unlike me. He asked me to reconsider the space but this time with some solid research. I was hesitant to start this all over again because I lost money when I first invested in it. He asked me to research only Bitcoin for the initial days. He suggested to me some articles to read and YouTube channels to follow. The channels he told were about how Bitcoin works, unlike the ones I watched, which were mostly about trading signals.

I started to enter the rabbit hole, and it went deeper. I read about how it works, but I was primarily interested in the economics side of it as it interested me more. I read “The Bitcoin Standard.” It is the best book I have read on Bitcoin. Bitcoin made a lot of sense to me. I started to spend much more time on Bitcoin. Naturally, I began to stack Sats too. My colleague and I used to discuss Bitcoin whenever we had a chance.

I gradually learned about self-custody. I bought myself a hardware wallet. I started to run a Bitcoin node on my laptop. I began to orange-pill my family and friends; it was tough initially to get them to know about Bitcoin, but soon it became a habit of mine to talk about it everywhere I go. I’m thinking of working full-time on Bitcoin shortly. 

This is my Bitcoin Story. Bitcoin Wins.


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