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Despite financial experts’ warnings about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin trade in Nigeria has hit $3 trillion. Making it the world’s highest adoption rate, Africa has one of its biggest markets for Bitcoin trading, with an estimated 500 million people currently using or holding Bitcoin.

In response to this rapid growth, there will be a conference tackling innovation within the sector- The Africa Bitcoin Conference, which plans to bring 800 attendees from all over Africa together to learn more about how blockchain technology could change their lives.

Farida Bemba Nabourema, the convener of the Africa Bitcoin Conference, stressed the dangers associated with investing heavily in cryptocurrency but also offered advice such as always keeping your computer virus free while striving towards bettering ourselves through tech use.

She noted Nigeria is massive and has a vast amount of engineers working to develop solutions with companies around the globe. She also describes Nigeria as the center of bitcoin development on the continent and one of the most important nations in the world. Africa has the fastest adoption rates in the world. It will surpass continents such as Europe, America, or Asia, as adoption is increasing a lot in Africa, and developers are rising from Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Kenya, and South Africa; these countries are leading in terms of developers. The conference has four-track; the first is bitcoin, financial development, and financial independence. The main goal of people who adopt Bitcoin is to increase economic freedom. 

The conference will focus on bitcoin and lightning engineering. The event’s primary purpose is to bring together those who create the software that runs cryptocurrencies, like transaction processing or security measures for online wallets. People from various sectors use these technologies, such as transportation services (think Uber), agriculture industry insiders dealing with land registry problems throughout countries’ borders., etcetera!

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