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In the beginning, God created Man and Woman. And two Economic Systems.

The Inflationary System (IS) that rides on the power behind making the starving majority envy the ultra rich, and the Deflationary System (DS) that rides on the power behind making the necessities of life cheaper so that, like Elon Musk, many more can enjoy the love and joy of a big family with true financial security.

Security not from thieves, but the harshness of nature.

Here are selected examples of the differences between how the two systems see the world.

1. Housing

If the price of the average house rockets up;

IS: Congrats. The homeowner just registered increased value on their house. As so many houses of its type exist, people must be getting richer. Wow!

DS: Oh noo. Money was printed and given to rich people as interest free credit.

Now they are buying up all the homes in a rush which is pushing up prices.

Where will the poor commoner sleep?

They will be enslaved to rent forever!

2. Smartphones

IS: Smartphones are getting cheaper by the year. We need to keep them expensive by making them fail quickly via planned obsolescence.

Coz where shall companies get money if a product lasts forever?

Indeed there is a thing as too much innovation.

DS: Yes, more utility in a smart phone and it is cheaper!

Yeah baby.

The companies whose business model is to sell great computers and smartphones need to level up now.

Selling hardware is so outmoded.

Whoever realizes that the new money is now in customer information as they use digital products, hence leading to more effective targeted advertising, is going to run this joint.

Wait, Google has done this. Apple, Microsoft, YouTube. AirBnB, Amazon, Alibaba!

Free things. But not really free. Very interesting, don’t you think?

Very exciting too.

3. Land

IS: It’s obvious, more human beings = increasing prices for land.

Because the Earth is finite. Deal with it.

Guess Malthus was right all along. There are too many babies here.

That the majority won’t be able to afford their own slice on earth is just unfortunate.

Of course, the rich shall inherit the Earth.

It is evolution. Isn’t that what the DS believers say.

The apex predator rules the jungle.

DS: Any country with cheap energy sources without plans on how to get some skyscrapers going is really not thinking. They are frozen in the past.

10 floors on a building = 10 times the land area, which makes land cheaper if we are thinking floor space, but now there is also an increase in utility.

Remember, Cheaper but More Utility is our motto.

Redefining land as floor space is the future. Somebody contact Urban dictionary. 

4. Money

IS: Do not say Bitcoin. That worthless thing one cannot even touch.

I mean, people being their own banks??

Haha. It will never work.

Too complex.

Too polluting.

Too pyramid scheme (Oops. Sorry).

DS: Bitcoin.

Because with Bitcoin, nothing else needs to store economic value by registering a price increase.

Everything else gets cheaper, while Bitcoin price-value rockets up to the moon. Then to Mars.

The balance sheet is indeed finally balanced forever.

Asset (Store of Value) = Bitcoin.

Liabilities (Goods and Services that provide value to Assets) = Everything else.

>>>infinity/21M <<<

What a meme. 

5. Energy

IS: DS get over here

DS: Yes.

IS: You know it is not good for individuals to run their own energy power plants in their backyards. You know this right?

DS: Who?

IS: Says common sense.

(They look at each other while their eyes say ‘Chernobyl’ )

DS: Ok. So who should run it.

IS: Government of course.

DS: But governments believe in making a budget after spending. They are wasteful.

IS: They can learn. Be patient.

DS: When exactly will they learn that energy is the King resource and it should not be messed with?

IS: No choice. They must control their energy.

DS: Oh but there is a choice. More efficiency minded individuals can group together into a successful legal entity calling a corporation.You’ve heard of it.

IS: Still under government control.

DS: Yes and No.

IS: Talk about the Yes.

DS: Only as long as the government is a functioning entity.

IS: Else?

DS: The DS believers will be voted into the governments of the future. And they are growing and you know it.

IS: Well…

DS: Well?

Inspiration of Note: Jeff Booth’s “The Price of Tomorrow”

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