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Bitcoin-ONLY data dashboard with live BTC price, on-chain metrics, Bitcoin calculator, heatmaps, 24-hour stats, charts and more.

BTC Lexicon - Bitcoin Glossary

Learn all about Bitcoin, blockchain and other terms with the most comprehensive bitcoin glossary anywhere.

Bitcoin Education (Discord Channel)

The Bitcoin Education Discord community is the ideal place to learn more about the best money humans have ever had access to!

Bitcoin Resources

To get a grasp on Bitcoin you will have to read a book or two. If you only want to read one book, most people will recommend Saifedean’s The Bitcoin Standard, and for good reason. Bitcoin is money, so understanding The Ethics of Money Production is paramount to understanding what Bitcoin is about. If you need a crash-course in economics, read Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt.

Bitcoin is Hope

Bitcoin is a bank in cyberspace, run by incorruptible software, offering a global, affordable, simple, & secure savings account to billions of people that don’t have the option or desire to run their own hedge fund…

Learn Me a Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an electronic payment system created in 2009. It allows you to send money to anyone in the world, and you don’t need to ask anyone’s permission to create an account.

It was created as a solution to the modern financial system, where we have a small number of large banks that control who gets an account and which transactions get processed. This means the control of money is centralized, and we have to trust the banks to act responsibly…

Parman’s FREE Bitcoin Guides

This site is dedicated to helping you progress your understanding of Bitcoin, and some of the technical aspects – easy, difficult, and outrageously extreme, but hopefully interesting.

There’s something for all levels…

Jameson Lopp: Bitcoin Information & Resources

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a new form of money that is controlled by no one and is developed as an open collaborative project. Below you’ll find enough curated educational resources and information about it that you could spend months sifting through them all. Make sure you have a decent understanding of the system before you store a significant amount of value in it! The same aspects that make it so valuable also make it unforgiving to those who make mistakes.

Youtube: Ioni Appelberg

This YouTube channel contains inspirational, short-form Bitcoin educational content written by Knut Svanholm, narrated by Guy Swann and animated beautifully by Ioni Appelberg.

Keysa Luna: The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written

“I wrote this book in the hopes of making bitcoin, and the reasons we need it, more accessible to more seekers.

This book is a starting point, into what I, and many others, have discovered is a phenomenally endless, life-changing and beautiful rabbit hole!

May you be orange-pilled, may you be free,and may you be well enriched by the journey!” – Keysa Luna