About Satoshi's Journal

Satoshi's Journal is inspired by the plebs, for the plebs. Our mission is to provide education about Bitcoin and news about Bitcoin projects that plebs are working on Around The World. We believe "if we fix the money, we can fix the world"!

Our Team Members

Jeremy Garcia

Jeremy Garcia


Jeremy has worked for the federal government for 15+ years as a Civil/Agriculture Engineer.

He wrote 8 articles for Bitcoin Magazine and decided to start his own Bitcoin publication.  He thought that there was a need for a different Bitcoin publication in the form of promoting pleb stories, world-centric news, creative writing, art, pleb businesses and compensation of content creators.  It was through these ambitions and his great team that Satoshi’s Journal was born.

Jeremy is a proud parent of a 2 yr old son.

Jeremy enjoys hunting and fishing. He owns a small farm in New Mexico, where he raises miniature goats and donkeys.

Jeremy enjoys studying Bitcoin, Geopolitics, Monetary History, Sports, Agriculture, Real Estate, Retirement Planning, Technology and more.

DJ Satoshi

DJ Satoshi

Bitcoin Educator

DJ is a passionate Bitcoin educator. He loves learning and teaching about Bitcoin and believes in the motto of “fix the money, fix the world”.



Content Creator

Phil is a content creator at Satoshi’s Journal. He is a high school math teacher from New Hampshire.
Phil is a friendly guy who enjoys electronic dance music, New England sports, video games, writing, learning and teaching others about Bitcoin!
He hosts “Bitcoin Beats”, creates content on TikTok for Satoshi’s Journal and also writes articles about Bitcoin.
It is his dream to connect his passions of music and Bitcoin to create a Bitcoin music label. Stay tuned for more on that!