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I was a gambling addict. This addiction of mine came from my wanting easy money. I didn’t want to work for anything, I wanted things quickly, so I found gambling as the way to get what I wanted though I later realized it was the worst affliction to happen in my life. I used to do online gambling like sports betting, online casinos, etc. I often got so frustrated because the money transfers through banks into these sites used to be so hard and with a lot of verifications.

As people say, even the worst things have some good in them; I first heard about Bitcoin on one of these gambling sites as one of the payment methods. I googled about it and learned that we could send it directly to them with just their receiving address. To earn Bitcoins, first I needed to buy them, so I signed up for an exchange in my country, bought some Bitcoins(dogecoins, too), and transferred them to my gambling site. I gambled again and lost the money, as usual. My parents found out about my gambling addiction as one of my friends had confronted them about the money I took from him and hadn’t paid him. My parents made sure I didn’t gamble again.

So, on one of those dull days, I remembered seeing that Bitcoin’s price had grown exponentially when I first googled about it. That first raised my interest in Bitcoin. So I wanted to learn more about Bitcoin. I asked if any of my friends knew about it, and only one responded with a positive response. He briefly explained it to me, like how people can send it anywhere in the world in a permissionless way. But these didn’t interest me initially; all I wanted to know was its price.

So I started to look into Twitter, google, and all. People said “low cap altcoins” are better to invest in than “Bitcoin, which has already reached its potential.” I joined telegram signal groups and started to follow their signals about what coins to buy at what prices. I thought I was investing. No, and I Was Gambling.

I lost money this way, too; all I was doing was losing my money. I spoke with a friend of mine again, and he convinced me to buy into Bitcoin entirely and then decide on other coins. He suggested some good Youtube channels and books to learn more about Bitcoin. As I was getting to know Bitcoin, I felt something that I had never felt: a genuine curiosity to learn about something new. I loved the way it felt, and I started to learn about the economics behind it. The best source I could find about it is “The Bitcoin Standard.” I loved the book and learned many things about it.

I also used to listen to many podcasts about Bitcoin, and I used to love and enjoy every moment I spent knowing about Bitcoin. I still haven’t looked at altcoins because I know I still have much to learn about Bitcoin.

I now believe in the Bitcoin standard. Now I think in terms of  HyperBitcoinization. I know Bitcoin is on its way to solving one of the biggest problems in the history of the world, the “Hard Money” problem. Though I don’t know much about tech, I see the economics behind it. I became a better person for sure after learning about Bitcoin. I now know nothing comes for free. You gamble only to lose, and you need to work on it to get it—proof of Work.

This is my Bitcoin story. We are all Satoshi.

This is a guest post by Korat Vihil. You can follow him on Twitter @Koratvihli9. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Satoshi’s Journal or Satoshi’s Entertainment Company.

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