The four-day hackathon, “Shock The Web”, which commenced on June 14, 2022, has come to an end. “Shock the Web” was hosted by BOLT FUN, a platform for lightning Network Development and Education. The hackathon was a user-friendly experience that encourages new users to join the fun, with over 10 hours of tutorials and other educative content for anyone interested in building on the lightning web application.

The hackathon kicked off with an opening speech from Mr. Olusegun Kosemani, the co-founder of Satoshi Journal, a Bitcoin education and news hub, and featured other notable industry-leading experts with a giveaway prize of up to $2,500. 

The event witnessed mentors and speakers including:

  • John Carvalho, CEO of Synonym (@BitcoinErrorLog)
  • Olusegun Kosemani, Founder of Botmecash and Co-founder Satoshi’s Journal (@Mrlamilamikosch)
  • Christopher Ono, designer and developer at Bitcoin Design (@GBKS)
  • Rene Aaron, Software Developer (@_ReneAaron)
  • Moritz Kaminski, supporter of tech ventures in business development and early-stage funding (@Moritzkaminski)
  • Evan Kaloudis, one of the builders of Zeus (@evankaloudis)
  • Hannah Rosenberg, Developer Advocate at Lightning, Founder at VelasCommerce (@hmichellerose)
  • Roy, one of the builders of Breez (@therealkingonly)
  • Tony, Co-founder at Ambosstech, Developer for Thunderhub (@tonyioi)

Also, present at Shock the Web 2 were organizations including:

Day 1 was packed with lots of amazing workshops, demos, and discussions from some of the lightning web app experts. Hackers worked on their projects over the weekend and mentors were nearby in the Bolt Fun’s Discord, answering any questions and coaching them through building their lightning web application. With a total of nine participants putting in the finishing touches to their projects, only six submitted in time and pitched their projects to the judges.

LINK, a phonebook-esque dashboard interface for users to manage and store public payment information like Node IDs, XPUBs, and  BOLT12 won the best design. 

Koty Auditore’s crowdfunded Bitcoin Podcast app came in 3rd place. The project allows listeners to put their sats where their ears are by suggesting guests and themes to their favorite shows. 

Anipy1 came in 2nd place for his BitsnSats multiplayer tic-tac-toe lightning game which allows friends to go head-to-head with some sats on the line.

LNStackTips, a lightning forum where users could ask questions and incentivize fast, high-quality answers through bitcoin lightning bounties, came in 1st place.


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